October 4, 2013 | Posted in: .Net

I’d been using the geocode SOAP service for a while and all of a sudden I started to run in to the following error:

The remote server returned an unexpected response: (417) Expectation Failed.

To get around the around the issue, I added a simple setting before making the request to the service (in bold):

 private void GeocodeAddress(string address)
         string key = Properties.Settings.Default.BingMapsKey;
         GeocodeRequest geocodeRequest = new GeocodeRequest();

         // Set the credentials using a valid Bing Maps key
         geocodeRequest.Credentials = new GeocodeService.Credentials();
         geocodeRequest.Credentials.ApplicationId = key;

         // Set the full address query
         geocodeRequest.Query = address;

         // Set the options to only return high confidence results 
         ConfidenceFilter[] filters = new ConfidenceFilter[1];
         filters[0] = new ConfidenceFilter();
         filters[0].MinimumConfidence = GeocodeService.Confidence.High;

         // Add the filters to the options
         GeocodeOptions geocodeOptions = new GeocodeOptions();
         geocodeOptions.Filters = filters;
         geocodeRequest.Options = geocodeOptions;

         // Switch off 100 continue expectation
         System.Net.ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue = false;

         // Make the geocode request
         GeocodeServiceClient geocodeService = new GeocodeServiceClient();
         GeocodeResponse geocodeResponse = geocodeService.Geocode(geocodeRequest);

         if (geocodeResponse.Results.Length > 0)
             this._addressLatitude = Convert.ToString(geocodeResponse.Results[0].Locations[0].Latitude);
             this._addressLongitude = Convert.ToString(geocodeResponse.Results[0].Locations[0].Longitude);

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