Team Foundation Service Burndown/Reports Aren’t Updating


October 3, 2013 | Posted in Team Foundation Server

If your TFS burndown chart and team reports such as Sprint Cumulative Flow aren’t updating, the likely hood is that the The Team Foundation Server Task Scheduler Service isn’t running on your Team Foundation Server. Under windows services (from admin tools or manage computer) look for Visual Studio Team Foundation Service Task Scheduler; start the service if it isn’t already running.

If it doesn’t update your burndown or reports straight away, there is a way to probe it’s current status and to run the scheduled tasks manually by using the Warehousecontroller. The windows service above is generally located under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\TFSServerScheduler which is where you’ll find a file called ScheduledServices.xml. In here you will find the warehouse controller URL (run this in a web browser) which can be used to probe the web services state along with other such queries.


The two that you probably want to use are called:


<WarehouseStatus xmlns=”″>Idle</WarehouseStatus>


<boolean xmlns=”″>true</boolean>

The latter will run the scheduled tasks (give it a few minutes and you should see that your report data and burndown charts have sprung to life).

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