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When entity framework models are refreshed from a SQL database, the ProviderManifestToken will change based on the version of SQL Server.

It was necessary to automate a process whereby every time the DAL built, I needed to verify that a refresh hadn’t inadvertently changed the ProviderManifestToken to an incorrect version.

To do this, I created a batch file (all edmx files must conform to SQL Server version 2005, and if they don’t, notify):



@echo off
@break off
@title Create folder with batch but only if it doesn't already exist - PROVIDER MANIFEST SEARCH
@color 0a

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set shouldpause=0

if exist "C:\ProviderManifestTokens\" (
  rmdir "C:\ProviderManifestTokens\" /s /q


if not exist "C:\ProviderManifestTokens\" (
  mkdir "C:\ProviderManifestTokens\"  

set SOURCE_DIR=%cd%
set DEST_DIR=C:\ProviderManifestTokens

    if exist "%%F" (
    	set FILE_DIR=%%~dpF
    	xcopy /I /Y "%%F" "%DEST_DIR%"

if exist "C:\ProviderManifestTokens\" (

  chdir /d C:\ProviderManifestTokens\

  ren *.edmx *.txt

  for %%F in (.\*) do (
  find "ProviderManifestToken=""2005" %%F > nul
        if errorlevel 1 (		

		echo ----------------------------------------------------------
		echo Warning: File %%F contains incorrect ProviderManifestToken
		echo ----------------------------------------------------------
		set shouldpause=1

if not %shouldpause% == 1 (
	echo ----------------------------------------------------------
	echo Success: *.edmx files valid 
	echo ----------------------------------------------------------






The script essentially scans directories and sub directories for all edmx files, it then copies them to a folder on the root, changes file extensions from *.edmx to *.txt (so that I could perform string lookups) and then notify where the ProviderManifestToken wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

The only other bit is to add the following in to your project Build Events:

cd $(ProjectDir)
call CheckProviderManifestTokens.bat

The above is a Post Build event and is set to run Always.

Check your Output window for the results of the batch file.

Update: I ended up leaving the batch in the DAL where it was, and putting the post build event in to the main application project, as that project is the last to compile, therefore developers will see the results at the end in the output window.

The post build event changed everso slightly:

cd $(ProjectDir)\DalFolder
call CheckProviderManifestTokens.bat

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